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For years I was intimidated by wine. I would walk into a package store (that's what we call places in CT that sell beer, wine & spirits) wanting desperately for something good to jump off the shelf and scream "I'm the wine you want, I promise to WOW you and your dinner guests!" If the price was over $20, I figured I couldn't go wrong.


Oh, what I would have given back then to have the seemingly unlimited resources I have now at my fingertips. There are so many wine review sites with thousands of people rating bottles of wine from around the world. How could I possibly go wrong?

Well, wrong again. You see, what we like or dislike about particular bottles of wine is very subjective. What I like may cause you to pucker, and what you like may cause my teeth to hurt. The only way to truly know what you like or dislike is to buy a bottle and drink it. Use reviews as a guideline, sure, but do you really want to rely on a bunch of wine know-it-alls who speak in terms you can't understand dictating what you should like or what you should pair with this food or that?

Welcome to Serious Wining, my friend. Know-it-alls and wine snobs are not allowed to post here. I will only be tasting and posting (mostly) about wines that are under $20, and it's my hope that as you read here, you'll pick up the same wines and try them for yourselves, and then be part of the conversation. This is serious business, folks, because life is simply too short to drink bad wine. But we'll have to slog through some of it, I'm sure, in order to learn and appreciate the good stuff.

Serious Wining. Let's get it started. Who's with me?

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