Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NV Double Dog Dare California Chardonnay

Next up in my "Under $5" series is this little gem! I'm typically not a Chardonnay drinker, but I was feeling adventurous with so little money on the line. :)

A nice light straw color, the nose was citrus and pear - and it continued on the palate along with tart apple flavors and maybe just a hint of vanilla on the back end. The finish was rather acidic - staying along the sides of my tongue well afterwards, begging me to pair it with something!

And....OMG people - it was only $2.99 a bottle! Medium bodied, fruity, plenty of acidity to pair with a variety of dishes - what a pleasant surprise! Would I serve it to my guests? YES!

This is the perfect cocktail wine on a warm summer day, if you prefer a dry white, and I'd also use it to cook with confidence, because the price tag is unbeatable!

Are there any bottles under $5 that you'd recommend, or suggest that I try? I'm two for two here, and would love to find some new and inexpensive favorites!

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