Thursday, December 12, 2013

DiGrazia Vineyard Wind Ridge Seyval Blanc White Wine

Welcome to CT! I picked up this little beauty from my local package store for a bit less than the $15.99 retail price you'll pay at the vineyard. That vineyard would be DiGrazia Vineyard in Brookfield - clear across the other side of the state for me, so I'm glad Harry's had a bottle on their shelf. I really like that Harry's devotes some shelf space to local wines - not enough, but some. Spendless Discount Liquors on Spencer St. in Manchester has a much broader selection of local wines, but I digress.

I know I've said this before, I'm not really a sweet wine lover, but I love me an off-dry or semi-sweet any day! The Seyval Blanc hybrid varietal is very common here in these parts, as it ripens early and stands up to the cold admirably.

The Wind Ridge is a light bodied, off-dry wine, with a nose of apple & pear, and also a distinct mineral-y-ness to it. The taste is also apple & pear - fruity, nice, and a pleasant finish that hangs around for a bit, but is still rather light. It is so fruity, it will fool the palate into thinking it has a higher sugar content than it actually does.

I would pair this with a light pasta meal, or even a roast chicken or holiday turkey. Yes, I'll bet it would be yummy with turkey! But honestly, it's nice and light just to sit and sip. Hey DiGrazia - winner!