Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sampling the local flavor in North Carolina - Part 1

My family is vacationing this week in Kitty Hawk, NC. As is always the case when I visit other parts of the country, I love to sample the wines in the region. This week I managed to try 3 different ones - today I'll talk about the oldest wine made in this country - the Scuppernong white from Duplin Vineyards, NC.

From the vineyard - "Duplin Winery's Scuppernong is the most famous variety of Vitis Rotundifolia and the oldest wine made in America. No plantation dinner would have been complete without this delicious sweet wine."

And yes, it IS sweet! My sister-in-law said to take the grapes, eat one without the skin, and that is exactly the taste of this wine. From me, in one word, it is delicious and refreshing! OK - that's 2, so sue me. She did warn me, however, that it's got that sort of flavor that people either love, or they hate - no middle of the road here. If you enjoy eating grapes, and you like that sweet grape taste - then you will love this wine. Try it for the history - enjoy it for the taste. And the price tag! A mere $7.49 a bottle! Duplin Winery does ship - but be prepared to pay through the nose. Over $31.00 to ship a case via UPS ground.

Here's another tidbit for you health conscious folks. Muscadine wines, both red and white, contain 40 times the resveratrol when compared with ordinary red wines. So toast to your health!