Friday, September 21, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

When it comes to wine, what would you say are your guilty pleasures?

Now, I’m not talking about a $600 or even a $100 bottle that you wouldn’t dream of sharing with anyone else. Oh no, I’m talking about that bottle, or even that (gasp!) box of wine you have hidden away for your personal consumption. You know, the one you can afford to drink on a regular basis. By the bottle, it would easily cost less than $7.00

Oh, sure, you have no trouble drinking it in the privacy of your own home – but when company drops in, would you serve it to them? Confidently?

Personally, I’ve found several wines in that bargain basement price range that I personally enjoy, and might even serve to a guest. Whether I would show them the source is another matter, so let’s not go there (ha!) – but hear me out! If you enjoy drinking a particular brand of inexpensive wine – why not share it with a friend? Is it perhaps that we’re embarrassed, because we think that good wine needs to be expensive? Are we too wrapped up in trying to impress others that we forget the simple premise that wine is meant to be enjoyed, regardless of the price tag?

 I’m calling these inexpensive wine options “guilty pleasures” – because we know we personally like them, but might feel a little guilty if our friends knew!

Recently, I’ve personally enjoyed Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel, Franzia Chianti and Barefoot Cellars Muscato. I’m sipping a glass of the Bota Box right now! If you came to visit me, however, I might be slightly hesitant to pour you a glass, because I’d be unsure if you’d like it, or I’d be afraid you’d think I was cheap! The more I think about my hesitancy, though, the bolder I may become. If I like it, there’s probably a good chance you might, too.

So, c’mon, I showed you mine – now show me yours! What are your guilty wine pleasures?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pairing Wine with Weather

Whining about bad weather? Wine about it instead!

My favorite room in my house is my sunroom. On rainy days, the sound relaxes me, and I can feel like I’m still outside, without actually being outside and getting wet. If it’s chilly, a nice blanket and small space heater is all I need.

At the moment, there’s a pretty good storm blowing in, and we’re finishing up battening down the deck furniture. In a little bit, I’ll be able to enjoy a nice glass of my favorite year-round red (Tanglerose BackyardRed, Sonoma County, CA) while curling up with a crossword puzzle.

I’ve found that, for me, the Tanglerose Backyard Red pairs perfectly with a rainy day!

What are some of your favorite weather and wine pairings?